Emberlight review – Add wifi to your standard home lighting

Here we’re checking out the Emberlight – a cool little device that hooks your lights into your wifi.

The Emberlight (only $49.99 on Amazon here) is a small device that sits between your light socket and the bulb and gives it smart capabilities. Firstly this is great because you can use which ever bulb you want (not an expensive proprietary one – for example, Philips’ bulbs are $13 each).  We’re using some nice dimmable Edison bulbs similar to these that cost $3.30 each: Edison bulbs.

Simple setup
Before you setup your Emberlight you must download the app first. Take your bulb out, screw in the Emberlight then screw your bulb into the Emberlight. Setup is really simple, it’s all done through the app and primarily involves logging your now smart light bulb into your wifi network and giving it a name.

Simple control
That’s really it, you can now control your bulb from the app. A simple slider adds dimming capabilities to your bulb and tapping the dimmer on the app turns the light on and off. The bulb is very responsive with no noticeable lag when moving the slider on the app. If you have multiple Emberlights you don’t have to control them one by one.. instead you can group them together.

Advanced control
You can also hook you light up to other services via IFTTT (if this then that). For example, you could connect it to a timer when you are on vacation so that the light comes on and off in the evening to stop your house looking empty. You can get really creative and link it to many of the IFTTT services out there!

UK users
So, this Emberlight is an E26 screw fixing whilst the UK uses E27 fittings – this means there is 1mm difference in the socket sizes. Not a problem… The photos you see here are from a UK light socket running on a 230v power supply, the Emberlight fits in fine and the bulb fits in fine. The socket was actually a bayonet so we’ve used a bayonet to screw adapter from Amazon for £0.72 to make this fit.

Forget forgetting your keys – Smart Lock with Amazon deal now!

So, I forget my keys and I’m sure I can’t be the only one.  I have a few smart gadgets around my home, a NEST thermostat, a Canary, and one of those smart plug sockets.  I did, however, just buy my next smart device in today’s Amazon deal, and it should stop me getting locked out!

The August Smart Lock is a keyless entry system that can be retrofitted to your home.  Instead of keys you open the door with your smartphone (as do other people that you live with).  There are no problems with getting locked out during a power cut as the device is battery powered, so you’re going to be able to get it!

If you’ve got people coming round you can send an invite and let them unlock your door if you are out, which is kinda cool.

The deal marks the cost of this smart lock down from $299 to $149, and at the time of writing it is set to expire in just under 18 hours.

Click here to see the smart lock deal on Amazon: August Smart Lock – Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone, Champagne