The World’s Most Secure Phone

Blackberry is not over, and security is a big thing.  These are the critical messages that are coming with Blackberry’s latest phone, the Blackberry DTEK50 which they are marketing as The World’s Most Secure Phone.

It will not appeal to all users, it’s not flashy and it’s not bling.  What it is though is a solid and secure device for those that want things to work, and work is a secure fashion.

Unlike Blackberry’s long history of phones, the DTEK50 runs on a modified version of Android 6.0, loaded up with Blackberry’s secure apps and software.  This means that you can access all the usual Android apps through the Google Play store, but you can also use all of Blackberry’s secure services.  This is a clear play to Enterprise users here.

The DTEK50 won’t break the bank either, you can pick it up on Amazon for just $333.27 (direct link here).

The hardware is good, although inline with other Android phones:

  • 16gb Storage with Micro SD Slot
  • 3GB RAM
  • Snapdragon 617 Octa-Core, 64 bit
  • 5.2 inch/ 1080p screen

If you are buying this phone, you won’t be buying it for the flashy specs – there are others out there such as the OnePlus 3 (see it here) that would be a better deal – you’d be buying it because you believe that Blackberry has the history of, and capability to deliver, a secure mobile environment that others can’t.

Phonie: An Off-the-grid Phone That Assists In Avoiding Distractions by Use Of Smartphones

SHENZHEN, China, July 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — With the distractions that are characterized by a smartphone, a group of engineers who believe that phone owners should have their inner peace and their children lead a normal life without being distracted by games and other features found in smartphones have declared that it is time to adopt a phonie (direct link here).

The Phonie is a tiny phone, almost the size of a credit card, that is 0.23 inch thick, sleeker than an iPhone. It can be put in a wallet without requiring any additional space. It is an unlocked GSM phone which uses a micro SIM card, allowing the user to save oncrossborder roaming fees. The phone allows the user to make a call, text and record, but other features that distract, such as internet access, calculators and contacts are not available. It is a highperformance phone that allows users to synchronize contact data with their smartphones, has a strong and stable signal, quality sound, smart magnetic charging and a long battery life.

The Phonie is a type of mobile device that will allow parents to spend quality time with their children, take care of their pets and carry out chores in their house, something that they would not do if they owned a smartphone as they would be forced to visit social media sites, play games and use a host of other applications offered in these disruptive gadgets.

Priced under $100, the phonie can be a perfect gift for kids or seniors; it will serve them well, giving them inner peace through avoiding distractions that are characterized by the use of a smartphone. And its deceptive bank card size appearance makes it a perfect gift for the family game of ” dollar trick”.

Another cute item from the company, called Elfy, is so much like the Pokemon Go ball. It’s lucky that Elfy was designed before Pokemon Go game and also won Golden Pin Design Award. Otherwise, it would have been treated as a copycat.

More and more people feel lonely because of the internet! Elfy aims to create a great companion product for nurseries as a night lamp and an emotional lamp for lonely ones. So go off the grid with the Phonie and have Elfy as your lovely friend the light can sense your emotion and echo it by changing its color with its vibration sensor.


The official name of Phonie is WIME Talkase T1S. It was created by, an E-commerce company that focuseson creative electronic gadgets. The company has been supplying trendy, stylish and practical products for years. Their latest product, the phonie, aims to change people’s lifestyles.