Speed up your Windows PC, Mac or Phone with Ccleaner

Cleaning up your PC can give you more storage space back, and give you a speed boost as your computer is not bogged down processing unnecessary files or instructions.

Actually cleaning up this space is rather more challenging though. You need to first of all figure out where the files are that can be removed (without damaging anything in the process) and then you have to actually delete them which is rather tedious.

Enter Ccleaner an application for PC, Mac & Phones with both free and paid for versions (see here for more details). Once you’ve downloaded and installed Ccleaner it will safely clean up space by removing unnecessary files left on your disk by Windows (or OSX) and applications that you’ve installed, on top of this on Windows PCs it will analyse your registry to pick up problems (such as dangling references to dlls, etc) that could be slowing down your machine.

When cleaning files you get a nice interface which allows you to select which files to look at – if there are some applications that you don’t want Ccleaner to touch (we left Chrome alone for example) then you can untick this. The application first analyses what can be done – our analysis found roughly 23gb of space that could be restored – if you are happy to go ahead then the application will remove these files. Note, it permentanly removes the files! No going back.

Speed up your PC

On the registry side of things a similar process is followed. Ccleaner will first analyse your registry for problems. However, given the sensitivity of the registry and the potential for damage, it gives you the option to backup the registry to file first. We strongly recommend doing this. As it happens, there were no problems when we ran Ccleaner on our registry.

Speed up your PC

Ccleaner doesn’t just work on a Windows PC, it will run on your Mac and your Android smartphone too.

Ccleaner is highly recommended and comes in free and paid for versions (see here for more details).

Password Managers for Mac: Forget forgetting your passwords

You’re probably reading this post because you’re getting fed up with all those passwords. Maybe you just got locked out of an account because you forgot your password? A new set of super secure applications may be able to help you: password managers.

The leader in this space is 1password and the clue is in the name with these guys, you decide upon one password for the 1password application, then let it do the rest. It integrates with your desktop and browser so that, when you need a new password it’ll generate a super secure one for you, and remember it. Next time you need to login the application will sign you in, just using your 1 master password. You don’t need to remember all the different passwords.

1password say you can use the app, not just for passwords but for keeping your whole online identity safe, including all your personal information, too. In addition to your Mac, 1password is available for Windows, iPhones and Android phones so you’re able to login securely on all your devices. 1password actually communicate their value prop very clearly in this video (plus, we love this guy’s dead pan expression):

You install 1password directly on to your Mac from the AppStore. It does cost a few bucks, but this is worth it when you consider what’s a stake – you need a professional application which is super secure that you can trust. You’ll find it directly on the Mac AppStore here:

In the interests of fairness, there are others out there too (all with apps for most desktop and mobile platforms). Some are free, whilst others are paid for check out: