Unique Gigastone iPhone Flash Drive Proves Perfect for Drone Enthusiasts

The latest Gigastone CR8600 iPhone Flash Drive Micro SD Card Reader is a perfect addition for Drone fans using iPhones and iPad with Micro SD Cards.

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Gigastone the Leading Global Mobile Technology Accessory Brand announced that the latest Gigastone CR8600 iPhone and iPad Flash Drive is fast becoming the perfect companion for iPhone and iPad Drone enthusiasts.

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The CR8600 is a unique iPhone Flash Drive because it takes standard Micro SD Card memory. This device coupled with the best-in-class Gigastone complimentary IOS software, makes it an invaluable tool for drone flyers.

Harold Katz, Gigastone CMO elaborated, “The unique features of this amazing device allow drone gadgeteers to fly their drone, take video and photographs and immediately view the multimedia on their iPhones or iPads, without having to lug around a laptop computer.”

At a recent meeting at the Gigastone US Headquarters inCalifornia, some of the benefits were detailed point by point;

  • The majority of drone cameras use Micro SD Card’s for memory.
  • After the Drone pilot lands, the Micro SD memory Card is removed from the Drone.
  • In most cases a new Micro SD Card is used and the video footage or photos are reviewed after all the footage is captured.
  • In order to view the footage drone users have to lug around a laptop with an SD Card Adapter.
  • With the Gigastone device the Micro SD Card can be inserted into the Gigastone CR8600.
  • The Gigastone CR8600 is then inserted into an iPhone or iPad via its Apple Lightning adapter.
  • Using the complimentary Gigastone IOS Software the footage can be:
    • Reviewed.
    • Deleted or Backed Up to Cloud Storage or the iPhone/iPad.
    • Uploaded to YouTube and other Social Channels.
    • Kept on the Micro SD Card memory to save iPhone or iPad memory.
    • And more
  • The Micro SD Card can then be removed from the Gigastone CR8600 iPhone Flash Drive and reused in the drone.

Michel Hassan, Gigastone President, commented, “The CR8600 is Apple MFi approved and is an impressive product.” He went on to say, “Gigastone distributes its product through large Electronic Retailers such as Amazon and Big-Box stores the likes of Walmart, Target and The Source. We work together with our customers to create products that satisfy consumers. The new Gigastone CR8600 iPhone Flash Drive Micro SD Card Reader has found a unique niche amongst Drone Gadgeteers. Other tech users are also discovering how empowering our technology can be.”

See the Gigastone web site for more information.

Gigastone also sells a full range of other memory products and mobile technology accessories, including SD Cards, iPhone Flash Drives, OTG Drives, SSD Drives, Memory Cables and USB Drives.

About Gigastone

Gigastone is the leading global mobile accessory brand, specializing in state-of-the-art, high-end mobile peripherals and technology. For two decades, Gigastone has been distributing technology to all the major big-box and Electronic Commerce stores. Gigastone has leveraged its engineering, manufacturing and quality control skills to drive world-class production and deliver quality products. A uniquely positioned company, poised to continue to grow and maintain its leadership in the fast paced consumer electronics space.

Gigastone currently has eight major offices around the globe; USA, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, France, Brazil and China, with distributors in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Notable distributors include Walmart, Costco, Target, Best Buy, Amazon, Guo Mei, JD.com, E-Mart and The Source. Gigastone continues to launch world-class mobile peripherals, constantly diversifying its product range to meet consumer demand. Customer focus is the key to ongoing Gigastone global success.

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ZEROTECH Launches DOBBY Pocket Drone

BEIJING, July 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Professional drone company ZEROTECH launched a new Pocket Drone — DOBBY (buy it here). DOBBY is compact and optimized for photography — taking pictures by voice control and gesture control, assisting users to capture the perfect moment they want with least effort.

At the same time, DOBBY Pocket Drone is an AI-powered drone featuring object tracking and facial recognition. DOBBY can take off by voice control and one click on APP. It also supports flying around by gesture control. Selfie lovers can enjoy creative photosfrom unique perspectives rather than taken by other shooting tools like cell phone cameras.

Patented fold-up technology allows DOBBY to stay the size of iPhone 6 plus, which can fit comfortably into your pocket. Qualcomm Snapdragon inside DOBBY supports indoor and outdoor scenarios. According to the official video on ZEROTECH’s YouTube channel, DOBBY assists outdoor activity lovers and travelers enjoy themselves completely without worrying holding camera and taking photos.

Buy DOBBY on Amazon here.

Facebook: ZEROTECH-Beijing

Instagram: zerotech_global

SOURCE ZEROTECH & http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/zerotech-launches-dobby-pocket-drone-300306260.html

Drones for under $50

Drones are cool, we all get that, but they’re kinda pricey. For example, a decent DJI Phantom 3 drone costs $800 on Amazon. In this article we’re going to walk through a few examples of what you can get for a mere $50!

Let’s be clear, for $50 you’re not going to get great flight control, GPS navigation, return to home control, on board computers or decent flight time. However, with the price tag of these devices they’re great for playing around the local park, or with the current cold weather even mucking about indoors. Think of them as entertaining flying cameras for some weekend or vacation fun. And, coming from someone who has trashed a $600 drone by stacking it into a swimming pool, it’s not going to matter that much is you kill your $50 drone.

The cheapest drone on test here is a mere $17.25! Check them out below.

Creazy X5C 6 Axis Quadcopter

Creazy Drone for under $50
Creazy Drone for under $50

This guy is a good old quadcopter; it’s got 4 channels of movement so it can go up and down, back and forth, rotate right and left and fly sideways. Whilst you only get 7 minutes of flight time, for your $50 you do get a spare battery. This is handy because each battery takes 100 minutes to charge – not something you can do when you’re out.

The remote control operates over 2.4GHz which means you get some good distance (unlike devices that run on wifi). To be honest, you’ll find most of the drones here run on 2.4GHz.

There is an onboard camera of dubious quality, only 0.3 MP, however it is enough to take some pictures and record some fun movies. They’re saved to an internal memory card, which is kinda handy.

On Amazon the device is marked down to $50 from $299, so if you can tolerate the poor camera, this looks like a great deal.  

Click here for the latest Amazon price

Lookatool Mini RC Drone

Lookatool Drone for under $50
Lookatool Drone for under $50

Now, this drone looks cool. It has, not four, but six bright orange propellers! It has an on-board camera, but details are a bit thin on the ground; the camera is listed as ‘200W’ which isn’t clear to us what this means. It’s likely though, that you can expect it to be of similar quality to the camera on the Creazy.

Unlike the Creazy, this drone is supplied with only one battery. You get 6-8 minutes of flight time, and whilst the battery charge time is shorter at 60 minutes, this is still not feasible to do whilst you are out.

There’s also no built in memory storage (you need to buy another SD card). This drone looks cool, but apart from its 6 orange props, it is lacking in features.

Click here to see the Lookatool on Amazon

Shensee Drone with 2MP HD Camera

Shensee Drone for $50
Shensee Drone for $50

This drone isn’t as flashy as the Lookatool, however it does have the best spec camera on test with 2MP – significantly more than you’ll get in the Creazy – don’t expect great optics at this price point, but at least the pixel density is a bit better.

It has the standard, 4 prop quadcopter setup and is operated via a 2.4GHz remote control again. Flight time and charge time are similar to the Lookatool, with 8 mins of flight time and 60 mins of charging.

One interesting point is that it is listed as having a return to home feature. On a high end DJI drone this means that, if the drone loses contact with the remote or has a low battery, it will return to the place it took off from. It’s not clear how advanced this feature is within the Shensee, but at least it has something.  Of course, if you are flying indoors this is less important.

Check out the latest Amazon price here.

Cheerson CX-10 Mini

Cheerson Drone for $17.25!!
Cheerson Drone for $17.25!!

Cheap is the name of the game here. This drone is a mere $17.25 with free shipping, so if you are after a bargain this is it.

The drone itself is tiny (it’ll sit in the palm of your hand!), and you don’t get a camera. This means that your fun is going to come from flying this, rather than taking pictures. Flight time is 4-8 minutes and given the device is really small you wouldn’t want to put this in any kind of wind.  This is for indoor flying during the cold winter.

However, given that this is less than the price of a beer and a burger… why not get it?!

Check out the Cheerson on Amazon here.

Which would we get?

If you are after an absolute steal to play with indoors whilst it’s cold out, get the Cheerson.  It really costs hardly anything!  If you want something to take to the park, we’d go for the Creazy as for your $50 you are going to get double the flight time with the spare battery.