Free books for a month; Amazon offers unlimited Kindle reading

Amazon Kindle has changed the way we read books – no longer do we lug around mountains of paper books.. having to wait to get to the physical store before we can buy them; instead we download them in an instant.  This part, we all know.

Summary: Can’t be bothered to read further, just get free books for a month by clicking here.

But there is a lesser known offer that Amazon have for Kindle addicts.  If you are paying money for each book that you read, you are throwing money away.  Amazon have an unlimited reading plan which means that you just pay a tiny monthly fee and read as much as you like.

This is a killer for going on vacation or just those people that plough through a book in a few days.  On top of this, loads of the books actually come with a free audio book version from Audible so if you don’t want to read you can just listen.  Of course, you can do this on any device too, not just a kindle.

Even better than this, is that there is currently a 30 day free trial.  If you don’t like it at the end, just ditch it and you’ve not lost anything.

Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

Quick! Amazon has a time limited offer on 1080p action cameras!

This is a very brief post as speed is of the essence – at the time of writing the deal runs out in circa 7 hours.

IGB’s readers love their gadgets, so when we spotted that for just $35.88 with free shipping you can get your hands on an action cam (think GoPro without the brand) we had to tell you.  You can get directly to it on Amazon with this link.

The Lightdow LD400 is waterproof & durable with a 1080p camera behind a wide angle lens and a 1.5 inch display (which the basic GoPros don’t have!).  For your 35 bucks you even get a spare battery!  Go check it out, it is perfect for messing around during the summer without breaking the bank.

Forget forgetting your keys – Smart Lock with Amazon deal now!

So, I forget my keys and I’m sure I can’t be the only one.  I have a few smart gadgets around my home, a NEST thermostat, a Canary, and one of those smart plug sockets.  I did, however, just buy my next smart device in today’s Amazon deal, and it should stop me getting locked out!

The August Smart Lock is a keyless entry system that can be retrofitted to your home.  Instead of keys you open the door with your smartphone (as do other people that you live with).  There are no problems with getting locked out during a power cut as the device is battery powered, so you’re going to be able to get it!

If you’ve got people coming round you can send an invite and let them unlock your door if you are out, which is kinda cool.

The deal marks the cost of this smart lock down from $299 to $149, and at the time of writing it is set to expire in just under 18 hours.

Click here to see the smart lock deal on Amazon: August Smart Lock – Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone, Champagne

Drones for under $50

Drones are cool, we all get that, but they’re kinda pricey. For example, a decent DJI Phantom 3 drone costs $800 on Amazon. In this article we’re going to walk through a few examples of what you can get for a mere $50!

Let’s be clear, for $50 you’re not going to get great flight control, GPS navigation, return to home control, on board computers or decent flight time. However, with the price tag of these devices they’re great for playing around the local park, or with the current cold weather even mucking about indoors. Think of them as entertaining flying cameras for some weekend or vacation fun. And, coming from someone who has trashed a $600 drone by stacking it into a swimming pool, it’s not going to matter that much is you kill your $50 drone.

The cheapest drone on test here is a mere $17.25! Check them out below.

Creazy X5C 6 Axis Quadcopter

Creazy Drone for under $50
Creazy Drone for under $50

This guy is a good old quadcopter; it’s got 4 channels of movement so it can go up and down, back and forth, rotate right and left and fly sideways. Whilst you only get 7 minutes of flight time, for your $50 you do get a spare battery. This is handy because each battery takes 100 minutes to charge – not something you can do when you’re out.

The remote control operates over 2.4GHz which means you get some good distance (unlike devices that run on wifi). To be honest, you’ll find most of the drones here run on 2.4GHz.

There is an onboard camera of dubious quality, only 0.3 MP, however it is enough to take some pictures and record some fun movies. They’re saved to an internal memory card, which is kinda handy.

On Amazon the device is marked down to $50 from $299, so if you can tolerate the poor camera, this looks like a great deal.  

Click here for the latest Amazon price

Lookatool Mini RC Drone

Lookatool Drone for under $50
Lookatool Drone for under $50

Now, this drone looks cool. It has, not four, but six bright orange propellers! It has an on-board camera, but details are a bit thin on the ground; the camera is listed as ‘200W’ which isn’t clear to us what this means. It’s likely though, that you can expect it to be of similar quality to the camera on the Creazy.

Unlike the Creazy, this drone is supplied with only one battery. You get 6-8 minutes of flight time, and whilst the battery charge time is shorter at 60 minutes, this is still not feasible to do whilst you are out.

There’s also no built in memory storage (you need to buy another SD card). This drone looks cool, but apart from its 6 orange props, it is lacking in features.

Click here to see the Lookatool on Amazon

Shensee Drone with 2MP HD Camera

Shensee Drone for $50
Shensee Drone for $50

This drone isn’t as flashy as the Lookatool, however it does have the best spec camera on test with 2MP – significantly more than you’ll get in the Creazy – don’t expect great optics at this price point, but at least the pixel density is a bit better.

It has the standard, 4 prop quadcopter setup and is operated via a 2.4GHz remote control again. Flight time and charge time are similar to the Lookatool, with 8 mins of flight time and 60 mins of charging.

One interesting point is that it is listed as having a return to home feature. On a high end DJI drone this means that, if the drone loses contact with the remote or has a low battery, it will return to the place it took off from. It’s not clear how advanced this feature is within the Shensee, but at least it has something.  Of course, if you are flying indoors this is less important.

Check out the latest Amazon price here.

Cheerson CX-10 Mini

Cheerson Drone for $17.25!!
Cheerson Drone for $17.25!!

Cheap is the name of the game here. This drone is a mere $17.25 with free shipping, so if you are after a bargain this is it.

The drone itself is tiny (it’ll sit in the palm of your hand!), and you don’t get a camera. This means that your fun is going to come from flying this, rather than taking pictures. Flight time is 4-8 minutes and given the device is really small you wouldn’t want to put this in any kind of wind.  This is for indoor flying during the cold winter.

However, given that this is less than the price of a beer and a burger… why not get it?!

Check out the Cheerson on Amazon here.

Which would we get?

If you are after an absolute steal to play with indoors whilst it’s cold out, get the Cheerson.  It really costs hardly anything!  If you want something to take to the park, we’d go for the Creazy as for your $50 you are going to get double the flight time with the spare battery.

Quick! Get an Android Tablet super cheap

Right now, yes, right now Amazon have a killer deal on the 7 inch Kindle Fire tablet, but you have to get it quickly as the clock is ticking!  If you buy within the next 12 hours you can save a whopping $65 off the tablet, that’s 30%!

The Kindle Fire tablet runs Amazon’s modified version of Android, giving you instant access to apps, book, video etc from their store.

We’re taking up time by typing this, so check the deal out below.  At the time of writing only 3% of the deal has been taken up.. so you could still be in luck:

Click here for Kindle Fire deal on Amazon

FreedomPop: mobile data just became free

FreedomPop has been active in the USA for some time now, but it is only recently that they’ve come to the UK.

Why should you care? Free data – that’s why. There have always been deals from the mobile networks and MVNOs that give cheap data, but nobody has given it away completely free before.

FreedomPop uses Three’s network, so they don’t own the infrastructure themselves, but that makes no difference to you the consumer and Three he a very robust data network.

They don’t just do mobile data, they offer free texts and calls too – however this is offered via their app (click here for their iOS app) as a voice over IP solution so you don’t get the QoS you would with a network based voice call. However, we’ve only used FreedomPop for data so we can’t comment on much else.

So, the free allowance gives you 200mb if data per month. Whilst this isn’t a lot (and certainly wouldn’t suffice for heavy usage…but you can upgrade at competitive rates), we find it plenty for staying online between the office and home, etc. It’s worth noting that FreedomPop isn’t our main mobile connection, but the nano SIM has been used in an iPad mini and a 3G dongle with great success.

You do need to pay for the SIM card and to activate it – a total of £7.99. We assume this is to avoid people ordering hundreds of the cards. This is a one off payment though, and seems manageable to us.

You can get a micro or nano SIM card. The nano SIM slotted straight into our iPad mini. For the 3G dongle we needed an adapter such as this to change the nano sim to a full size SIM:

Mudder 5-in-1 Nano Micro Standard SIM Card Adapter Converter Kit

The 3G dongle we’re using is a great bit of kit, it lasts for a whole day of usage and is small enough to stick in your pocket. It is not 4G but can still push up to 21Mbps over a decent 3G connection:

TP-LINK M5350 3G Mi-Fi Hotspot

In summary, this is actually the real deal. You often hear about free data deals which, when you look into them, have unreasonable caveats such as long term contracts. Whilst there is an initial payment of a few quid, this seems like a great deal for lightweight data usage.

Spotify Subscription Options

Spotify was launched in 2008 and is now the leading provider of streaming music.  Gone are the days of buying CDs or even downloading music via stores such as iTunes.  Spotify has a massively comprehensive library of content that is played instantly – assuming that you are online you wouldn’t even know that you don’t own the music.  Here are just a few reasons to use Spotify:

  • The world’s music instantly available
  • Play on almost any device: Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows Phone and more
  • Play in your car with Car Play enabled stereos, over Bluetooth or by plugging into the aux connector from your phone
  • Play offline (with no web connection) with a premium subscription
  • Create playlists to organise your favorite music
  • Find new music with Spotify radio which creates your own radio station based on music you already like
  • Share music with friends and get recommendations

Spotify comes with three subscription types:

  1.  Free.  With this subscription there is no monthly fee, it is completely free. However your listening will be interrupted every now and again for ads to be played, and there are some restriction on how much/often you can listen to music.
  2. Premium.  This is the main subscription which gives ad free, high quality listening. You can save music to your device for offline listening so that you can listen to your music without a wifi or mobile data connection. This monthly fee varies by region, but is $9.99 in the USA and £9.99 in the UK.
  3. Family.  This offers discounts (up to 50%) for families. Each person gets to keep their own playlists and music separately, however there is one discounted monthly bill.

Spotify makes a big deal of bundling Spotify subscriptions via 3rd parties and these can often be very lucrative deals.  Check in your country for offers available to you, however as a example in the UK the following are available:

  1. Sunday Times.  The Sunday Times offers an online subscription which gives you access to The Sunday Times on the web and via their iPad application and also gives 1 year of free Spotify premium access.  This deal is actually cheaper than buying a premium subscription directly from spotify.
  2. Vodafone.  Subscribers to certain Vodafone pay monthly contracts get a free subscription to Spotify Premium as part of their mobile contract.

In the USA there are various offers, but owners of a Google Chromecast can access free Spotify Premium.

You can download Spotify for your iPhone at the following link:

Download the Spotify app for iPhone