iPhone games to quash the boredom

If you are bored and need to kill some time with a brilliant iPhone game that costs less (much less) that the price of a beer, read on.

We’re looking at 3 killer games today ranging from just $0.99 through to $6.99.

Endless Ducker

Endless Ducker iPhone

It’s a simple, yet addictive premise.  Cody is a tall dude, he runs around.  You’ve got to get him to duck underthings (or jump over).  Our lanky friend Cody runs continually from left to right, tap the screen on the left to make him duck under things, tap the screen on the right to jump over.  This is one of those games that you’ll lose yourself in.  Get it on the AppStore here for $0.99.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft has a massive cult following and the pocket edition has seen big updates recently that pretty much bring desktop Minecraft to your iPhone or iPad.  Whilst you’re paying a few more dollars for this game it’s a very different kettle of fish.  Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a first person game in which you dig holes to collect blocks.  Sounds simple, however what you do with these blocks is the critical bit – and where your imagination can run wild.  You can build anything from a tiny shack to a full on metropolis.  Get it on the AppStore here for $6.99.


Reign iPhone

Sit on the throne as a benevolent (or malevolent) medieval monarch of the modern age and swipe your royal fingers either left or right to impose your will upon the kingdom. Survive the seemingly never-ending gauntlet of requests from your advisors, peasants, allies, and enemies while maintaining balance between the influential factions of your kingdom. But beware; each decision you make might have implications and unfortunate consequences down the road that could put your reign and family’s dynasty at risk!  Get it on the AppStore here for $2.99.

Our Verdict

If we had to chose (like you have to!), we’d go with Minecraft (direct link here).  This is a serious game that you can really invest in for the long haul.  Sure, it’s a few bucks extra but you really get what you pay for.. and really, who can resist that retro look?  We can’t!

Great apps for Windows 10 tablets

So, you’ve got your new Windows 10 tablet, maybe it’s a nice shiny Microsoft Surface device… now you’re going to need some apps to get you going.

If you’re running a Windows 10 laptop or desktop PC, this guide still applies to you however you have a wealth of programs that can be run in desktop mode (sure, you can run them on a tablet… but it may make you hate your tablet!).

This guide will list each application, along with a direct link to the Windows Store to download them.. No need to go searching!

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle for Windows 10

Amazon Kindle for Windows 10

Everyone knows Amazon’s Kindle service. It’s the most popular e-reader out there, but you don’t have to use a physical kindle. This is a great application lets you access your library, read your books and keep in sync with all your other kindle devices and apps.

Download Amazon Kindle for Windows 10 here

Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, OneNote Mobile & PowerPoint Mobile

Office Mobile for Windows 10
Office Mobile for Windows 10

OK, not one app but four. These apps are specifically designed for a touch interface. This means that you won’t have lots of fiddle tapping on an interface designed for a mouse, and you don’t need to install the desktop version of the Office suite. You can view, edit and share the documents you work on, saving them to cloud services such as OneDrive and Dropbox.

Download Office Mobile for Windows 10 here


Netflix on Windows 10
Netflix on Windows 10

I couldn’t live without my Netflix subscription, and sure, you could watch it in the browser but with a dedicated app you have native performance and an optimized touch interface. All we wish for here is that the app would support our Chromecast as it does on iOS and Android.

Download Netflix for Windows 10 here


Flipboard for Windows 10
Flipboard for Windows 10

Windows 10 actually comes with a pretty good news app by default, and we’re not knocking that… Its live tile is really good. However, you really can’t beat Flipboard for its coverage and scope for customization. Of course, it is free..you just have to sign up for an account..

Download Flipboard for Windows 10 here


Skyscanner on Windows 10
Skyscanner on Windows 10

Your tablet is your travel companion, so book some trips. Skyscanner’s Windows 10 app hunts down the best deal for you so that you don’t pay over the odds. It is all touch friendly and lets you filter by flight duration, time of day, airline, airports and more.

Download Skyscanner for Windows 10 here


Minecraft for Windows 10
Minecraft for Windows 10

This is the ultimate classic game, now under the Microsoft wing. It does cost a few bucks, paid through the Store, but its worth it.. It’ll keep you entertained on those long commutes!

Download Minecraft for Windows 10 here

One Calendar

One Calendar for Windows 10
One Calendar for Windows 10

The built in calendar application in Windows 10 is a bit of a let down. Important features are just missing. Good job that One Calendar is here to step in. It is a fully featured calendar which syncs with most of your cloud services including Google Calendar.

Download One Calendar for Windows 10 here


Facebook for Windows 10
Facebook for Windows 10

Admit it, you can’t do without Facebook can you! Facebook for Windows 10 offers a snappy, responsive and familiar user interface. Pin the app to your start menu to get nice snippets from your timeline without having to open the app.

Download Facebook for Windows 10 here

Of course, there are some key applications and functionality missing, which we’re hoping will appear soon.  We’d love Chromecast support and please, where is the Spotify app?