SSH on Windows 10


Windows 10 is a great new operating system, however for programmers that need to access their Linux based servers it does not have the built in tools required. Don’t fear, they can easily be added with no weird hacks required as we explain below…


SSH is the most common secure remote access protocol for Linux servers. Windows users have always been able to download Putty, however this is rather clunky these days. A much better option is to install a free Windows app from the Store called Remote Terminal. You can find it at this link.

This app provides all the SSH functionality you would expect whilst keeping within the Windows 10 theme.

There are also some handy management tools, allowing you to save your frequently used connections; all you have to do is click the connection you desire to be presented with the usual ssh password prompt. You can even ditch the passwords completely and manage your keys from within Remote Terminal.

Pasting into your remote shell is easy. On my laptop I two finger press the trackpad to bring up a bunch of options, including paste.

The app is completely free and can be downloaded from the Store at the following link:

Remote Terminal on the Windows Store


SFTP allows you to transfer files to and from your remote server in a secure fashion. It is usually accessed via the shell on a Mac or Linux system.  
To transfer your files over sftp in Windows we recommend Netdrive ( This application does cost $45 but it plugs straight into Windows Explorer and we find it well worth the small investment.

 In addition to accessing your servers it supports a bunch of cloud storage services which may be useful if that’s something you’re after.


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