The small Apple Watch feature that makes it amazing


There’s a small feature of my Apple Watch that has made me love it.


Let’s be honest, the first generation of most new devices are not the best. There’s usually some tweaking that needs to happen. The Apple Watch is no exception, it’s a great device, or more specifically, it will be a great device, but it has its weaknesses.

However, we’re not here to talk about those¬†weaknesses today. There’s a small feature in the Apple Maps application that is great. You put your destination in, plan the route and get going. When you need to turn your watch will buzz on your arm and you’ll have the directions (e.g. ‘turn left onto High Street’) on the screen.

Now, I tried this with driving and it didn’t mean much to me.. I mean.. I have the phone screen right in front of me so don’t find this a valuable add on. However on a recent vacation to Italy I found it invaluable when walking.

You see, with navigation by the phone you’re always walking along with the phone in your hand, checking where you are, if you’ve gone too far or need to turn. It’s really antisocial and it sucks, especially on vacation.

Instead with the Apple Watch, just set everything up, throw your phone in your pocket and go for a nice walk. Chat with people, look around, take in the city you’ve just paid to visit. Your watch will quietly buzz on your arm when you need to turn. You then quickly look at the watch to find out where you need to go. Then you carry on with your vacation.

It’s a small thing, yes, but it’s a great little feature that I used, and will continue to use, constantly when navigating on vacation.

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