Guide to iPhone printing – you probably have everything you need already


We now live in a world where we can do most computing tasks from our mobile devices. We haven’t completely got rid of paper though, and we still need to print documents and photos. Luckily, if you own a printer you probably have everything you need already.

Your iPhone (and iPad) has the ability to wireless print to printers compatible with the AirPrint standard. This is a specification and capability that Apple have made and designed into their products. You will need a compatible printer, but more on that in a moment.

To print from your iPhone first make sure you are on your home or office wifi network. Then open the document/email/picture/thing that you’d like to print. Tap the share icon (it looks like a document with an arrow pointing upwards and can usually be found in the lower toolbar). Scroll right a bit and select Print. Chose the printer on your network and go get you print out. Very simple!

Now for this to have worked your printer needs to support Apple’s AirPrint and be connected to your wifi network. AirPrint is supported by most contemporary printers and the easiest way to find out if yours is compatible is just to try it. Do remember to make sure that your printer is on and connected to wifi, and that your iPhone is on the right wifi network.

If you don’t have a compatible printer (or no printer at all) not to worry, they are really cheap. Check out this Amazon link to see a whole range (click here).  If you are on a budget there are some seriously good deals, such as this all in one color Canon printer (link here).  We generally like HP printers using them at home and in the office, they are reliable and the scan quality is good.  For just $79 you can pick up this HP all in one printer/scanner/copier with AirPrint support (link here).


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