Google’s USB-C to HDMI adapter working under Windows 10

USB-C to HDMI Adapter

I’ve been looking for a decent USB-C to HDMI adapter for my laptop for a while now.  I expected my Dell XPS 13 laptop to have a mini display port, but it just comes with a USB-C port.

There are lots of discussions on the web about poor quality USB-C cables, so I wanted a recognized manufacturer. I couldn’t find anything from Belkin etc.

I first invested a phenomenal amount of money in an Apple USB-C to VGA adapter designed for the MacBook (click here to see it on Amazon) on the assumption that it should have Bootcamp available drivers. Whilst this worked, the image quality was rather poor with the image appearing slightly fuzzy. Maybe it’s a driver issue, or some incompatibility with the Dell, but it doesn’t make for a great viewing experience.

I then came across a Google branded USB-C to HDMI adapter designed for the Chromebooks.  This, incidentally, is half the price of the Apple adapter.

The upshot is that, even though it is not designed for a Windows laptop, it works brilliantly.  Windows 10 recognized it immediately with no complicated setup or driver hunting.  The image is crystal clear and audio is delivered over HDMI as it should be.

It’s highly recommended and can be found on the Google Store here.

In fairness, there a few other USB type C to HDMI adapters on Amazon that are from brands I don’t recognize but that may work well, I simply can’t comment.


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