Forget forgetting your keys – Smart Lock with Amazon deal now!

Smart Lock on Amazon

So, I forget my keys and I’m sure I can’t be the only one.  I have a few smart gadgets around my home, a NEST thermostat, a Canary, and one of those smart plug sockets.  I did, however, just buy my next smart device in today’s Amazon deal, and it should stop me getting locked out!

The August Smart Lock is a keyless entry system that can be retrofitted to your home.  Instead of keys you open the door with your smartphone (as do other people that you live with).  There are no problems with getting locked out during a power cut as the device is battery powered, so you’re going to be able to get it!

If you’ve got people coming round you can send an invite and let them unlock your door if you are out, which is kinda cool.

The deal marks the cost of this smart lock down from $299 to $149, and at the time of writing it is set to expire in just under 18 hours.

Click here to see the smart lock deal on Amazon: August Smart Lock – Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone, Champagne


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