Quick! Xbox One Deadpool game deal..save 50%

Our readers love their tech and gaming, so we feel it’s important to let you know that right now there is an amazing deal to be had.  Check it out below.

Amazon’s daily deal (link here) has a massive saving of 50% on Deadpool for Xbox One (there is also PS4 available here).  It’s only going to cost you $24.99, which is an absolute bargain.

It’s a time sensitive deal, and at the time of writing only has 13 hours left! Check it out here: Deadpool – PlayStation 4

Quick, fashion deal now! Save $50 on a Scarleton Squared Nylon Tote Bag

Hey fashion people.  Get to Amazon ASAP (link here) as their daily deal will save you a whopping $51 off this Scarleton bag.  It’s got a zippable top and is great for storing you iPad and other tablets.  It can even hold a laptop with a screen up to 15 inches.

For the security conscious it has an interior pocket for your cell phone.

Check it out on Amazon here: Scarleton Squared Nylon Tote Bag H150601 – Black

Guide to iPhone printing – you probably have everything you need already

We now live in a world where we can do most computing tasks from our mobile devices. We haven’t completely got rid of paper though, and we still need to print documents and photos. Luckily, if you own a printer you probably have everything you need already.

Your iPhone (and iPad) has the ability to wireless print to printers compatible with the AirPrint standard. This is a specification and capability that Apple have made and designed into their products. You will need a compatible printer, but more on that in a moment.

To print from your iPhone first make sure you are on your home or office wifi network. Then open the document/email/picture/thing that you’d like to print. Tap the share icon (it looks like a document with an arrow pointing upwards and can usually be found in the lower toolbar). Scroll right a bit and select Print. Chose the printer on your network and go get you print out. Very simple!

Now for this to have worked your printer needs to support Apple’s AirPrint and be connected to your wifi network. AirPrint is supported by most contemporary printers and the easiest way to find out if yours is compatible is just to try it. Do remember to make sure that your printer is on and connected to wifi, and that your iPhone is on the right wifi network.

If you don’t have a compatible printer (or no printer at all) not to worry, they are really cheap. Check out this Amazon link to see a whole range (click here).  If you are on a budget there are some seriously good deals, such as this all in one color Canon printer (link here).  We generally like HP printers using them at home and in the office, they are reliable and the scan quality is good.  For just $79 you can pick up this HP all in one printer/scanner/copier with AirPrint support (link here).

BEZALEL Empowers iPhone Users with Universal Wireless Charging

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — After a very successful Kickstarter campaign and debut at CES, BEZALEL’s first-of-its-kind universal charging solution for the iPhone is now available via Amazon and the Bezalel.co website.

The Latitude dual-mode (Qi and PMA) case enables iPhone users to power up using any wireless charger – regardless of charging standard.

“The iPhone is packed with great features, but wireless charging isn’t one of them,” said BEZALEL CEO and Co-Founder Frank Wu. “Our first-of-its-kind Latitude case lets iPhone users power up using any wireless charger, without having to pick sides in the war over competing charging standards.”

Wu went on to explain that the war between Qi and PMA is similar to iconic battles such as VHS vs. Betamax and Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD, except that wireless charging impacts far more consumers given the proliferation and daily use of smartphones. Companies backing the Qi standard include McDonald’s, Samsung, Toyota/Lexus and IKEA. Those backing the PMA standard include Starbucks, Delta Airlines, Google and AT&T.

“Wireless charging is all about convenience, and there’s nothing convenient about being unable to power up because your mobile device is incompatible with the nearest wireless charger,” he added. “While the standards war won’t be resolved anytime soon, we’ve found a way to settle it now for iPhone users. BEZALEL is like Switzerland in the battle between Qi and PMA.”

The Latitude case is available in black or white for iPhone 6/6s ($49.90) and 6 Plus/6s Plus ($59.90). It is constructed of advanced polycarbonate, and includes a flexible, super-durable Lightning cable connector that lets users charge and synch their iPhone easily the old-fashioned way (via a standard Lightning cable).

“There’s irony inherent in the fact that most people power up their ‘wireless’ devices via a power cord,” said Wu. “At BEZALEL we’re determined to change that.”

Learn more about the dual-mode Latitude case for iPhone at http://bezalel.co/pages/Latitude, and check out the quick intro video on YouTube https://youtu.be/WMXGwCd7Vxk.

See the latest prices on Amazon here: BEZALEL I6 Qi Wireless Charger Charging Receiver Patch Module


Los Angeles-based BEZALEL was founded in 2013 to design and manufacture wireless charging technology that lets mobile device users ditch the power cord, both at home and on-the-go. After completing the USC Viterbi School of Engineering’s renowned Start-Up Garage incubator program, the company conducted an initial Kickstarter campaign named one of the Top 10 of 2014. Its debut products include the Prelude fully-mobile (i.e., rechargeable) wireless charger, and the Latitude first-of-its-kind dual-mode (Qi and PMA) wireless charging case for the iPhone. More information is available at Bezalel.co.

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Bezalel on Amazon

Original Press Release Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/bezalel-empowers-iphone-users-with-universal-wireless-charging-300215397.html

Video: Review of Toshiba Chromebook Laptop for under $300

Chromebooks are somewhat hard to position in the market, sitting somewhere between an Android tablet and a Windows laptop.  They run a web based operating system from Google called Chrome OS.  Here we show a video of the Toshiba 13.3 inch Chromebook.

Check the Toshiba Chromebook out here.

The Toshiba is a fully fledged laptop.  Ports wise the Chromebook features 2 USB ports, one HDMI port, a card reader and a headphone port.  The laptop isn’t heavy, in fact it feels to be a very portable laptop whilst still keeping good build quality. The screen is crisp, giving a great picture, and the keyboard feels very sturdy.

Under the hood you have an Intel Celeron processor – this isn’t the most powerful of processors, but power isn’t really what Chromebooks are for.  If you’re wanting to run processor intensive tasks you may want to go for a Windows laptop (see our review of the Dell XPS 13 here).  On board you have 2Gb of RAM and 16GB of storage, whilst this doesn’t sound like much, remember that this is a Chromebook, so almost everything is run and stored in the cloud.

Price wise this comes in at $276.99.  This is a little pricier than some Chromebooks on the market, but it’s worth spending the extra dollars.  Quite honestly some of the Chromebooks out there risk feeling a bit… cheap.  You don’t get this with the Toshiba.  It’s a well built device, and great for those on the road a lot.

Check it out on Amazon here: Toshiba CB35-B3330 13.3 Inch Chromebook (Intel Celeron, 2GB, 16GB SSD, Silver)

How to enable Wi-Fi Calling on your iPhone

Wi-fi calling is a particularly useful feature for people who are in areas of limited coverage, or often make calls from basement offices.  In this article we show you, with screen shots, how to enable wi-fi calling.

Wi-fi calling enables you to make and receive calls and SMS as usual, but using your wifi network rather than the cellular network.  Unlike services such as Skype and Whatsapp, there are no additional apps or different accounts to use; your phone operates and normal and people can call you as normal; it’s all done through your mobile operator, just via wifi instead of their cell tower.

First of all you need to ensure that your mobile network supports wi-fi calling. At the time of writing in the USA T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and (soon) Verizon support it, whilst in the UK support is found from EE and Vodafone.

If you are on a supported network:

1. Open your settings

2. Select the Phone option

Select Phone in your iPhone Settings
Select Phone in your iPhone Settings

3. Select Wi-Fi Calling

Select Wifi Calling
Select Wi-fi Calling

4. Move the Wi-Fi Calling slider to on

Move the slider to on
Move the slider to on

Your device will ensure that the wifi network you are using has sufficient bandwidth to support the call.  If it does you will see your network change to say ‘WiFi Call’:

WiFi Calling is Enabled
WiFi Calling is Enabled

Once you leave the wifi area your phone will switch to a cellular network, if one is available.

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Quick! Deals today on networking gear and home network storage

Relevant to our recently published articles on wifi, home networking and backup strategies are today’s deals on Amazon (here).  We’re writing about them today because in our reviews we mention some particular products and if you are quick, you can save some serious money on them.  This brief post is organised around the relevant themes we’ve covered in the past.

Windows 10 Backup (link: How to backup a Windows 10 PC; time machine for Windows)

In this article we discuss backup strategies for Windows 10 using the built in File History software.  We cover off how you can use a USB hard drive, or if you are on a home wifi network you can use a network backup storage.  We recommended the WD My Cloud devices and they are currently discounted:

WD 8TB My Cloud EX2 Network Attached Storage – This is a massive storage device, with 8TB of space to backup even the largest of PCs.  If you get to this deal soon you can save $137 off Amazon’s usual price.  Click here for the deal.

WD 12TB My Cloud Mirror Personal Network Attached Storage – The mirror part of the name is the key with this version of the My Cloud.  This is for the seriously backup conscious as it has two internal hard drives meaning that, if one fails, your data is still stored on the other one.  Click here for the deal.

Home Networking & Wifi (link: Answered: How do I extend the range of my home wifi?)

In this article we discuss the options for extending the range of your home wifi network, coming to the conclusion that a powerline device is the best route in most circumstances.  In the current Amazon deal there are some excellent mark downs, for example, checkout:

D-Link Powerline AV2 2000 Adapter Gigabit Extender Starter Kit – A great powerline starter kit which will extend your wired network across your home power network.  Save $50 today, click here for the deal.

TP-LINK AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender – A wifi range extender, with a saving of $50.  Click here for the deal.

There are many more networking related items in the Amazon sale which our readers may find very appealing (be quick, many run out today), so it’s worth checking it out here: Amazon Networking Deals.